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Our History

Starting out as a one-man truck operation, Harold LeMay began cleaning up other people’s messes in 1942. He didn’t stop until his business grew to handle refuse, recycling and environmental services for millions of people in Western Washington as one of the nation’s ten largest waste management companies. His code for success was pretty simple: Do your honest best, show up on time, dispose with respect, and collect anything that looks interesting.

Harold also loved cars. If it had an engine, he wanted to tinker with it. LeMay kids grew up in coveralls, nose-deep in the gritty perfume of fuel, dust and built-up shop grime familiar to car lovers and garage tinkerers the world over. As Harold’s business grew, so did his epic car collection — along with the need to keep it all shiny, from tools, equipment and floors to engines, seats and hubcaps. Seven decades, two major car museums and one secret formula later, the LeMay family is excited to share our museum-quality shop solution with people who know that big greasy projects are nothing but good, clean fun. Take it from a family who takes clean up seriously: Organic Mechanic will clean just about anything your shop can dish out.

Founded in 2016 by Harold’s grandson, Eric, LeMay Clean’s mission is to introduce a chemical formula to the consumer market that is nearly a half-century old. Originally invented as an elegant solution for the Navy as an environmentally safer cleaning agent, the base formula has mostly been used solely by large corporations and scientists for large-scale cleanup jobs in industrial settings. For the first time, LeMay Clean is attempting, with small adjustments to the original formula, to bring this trade secret to the consumer masses. The LeMay Family has been involved with the product for more than two decades, and has used it in museum and industrial settings for general cleanup, odor control, grease, oil spots and built-up messes.

Our Vision

The chemistry at the basis of LeMay Clean is used by a large, diverse universe of global business and industrial companies for multiple purposes. Your local gas station may use the formula to clean the islands around their pumps, your big-box retailer might spray it in their parking lot to control oil stains in the pavement, a golf course might use it to control grass stains on equipment and walkways, or your local fast-food outlet might be using it for odor control around garbage dumpsters.

Our vision, beginning with Organic Mechanic, is to offer a range of the base formula’s potential to help you clean with a diverse family of products, each perfectly formulated for your specific household and garage needs.

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